The business of repairing and replacing automobile glass is truly a unique enterprise. It used to be, back in the day, if you did good work, local insurance agents would refer their policyholders to you and insurance companies would pay a fair price for your service. Windshields were held in with rubber gaskets and butyl tape and that glass worked to keep the bugs off your teeth and the wind out of your face. That has all changed.

Why You Should Care About Your Windshield Replacement

Today, windshields are held in with urethane adhesives and are an integral part of the overall vehicle safety system. The windshield is a critical component in making sure that the car’s roof does not collapse and crush the occupants inside in the case of a rollover. The windshield also serves as the backboard for the passenger side airbag; if the windshield does not stay in place in a crash, the passenger side airbag will have nothing to inflate against thereby making the airbag worthless. The windshield is also important to the overall rigidity of the vehicle, impacting the timing and the deployment of the airbags; if they fire too early, the airbags deflate before the occupants are into them, defeating their purpose. If the airbags fire too late, the occupants can be injured by being thrown into the force of the airbag inflating.

Windshield Safety Standards

There is a safety standard for replacing windshields that needs to be followed, customers need to be aware of safe drive away times. Our goal is providing a safe, reliable, dependable service for our customers and earn a living doing it.

Our promise to you

We will be there when you need us. The initial install will be prompt and at the appointed time frame. Honoring our warranty is done as soon as possible, never leaving your vehicle in a dangerous position for you or damages to occur due to a leak. We are always available to answer any questions. The Glass Shop prides ourselves on customer service.

We love our customers and welcome your feedback and suggestions. Use our Contact Us page to tell us what we’re doing right or what we can improve on.