We are always looking for a self starting, hungry sales agents. As a “Sales Agent” your job is simple. Make customers aware of us!

“WINDSHIELD REPLACEMENT” has been searched over 74,000 times and the “trend” is Skyrocketing. Other related searches brings in thousands more. The customers are out there, we only need to make them aware of US. We are offering a service that is needed and in high demand. Its also a service through most insurance providers that is “free” to the customer.

Sales Agents – are private contractors

As a private contractor, you work for yourself. No boss breathing down you neck, telling you how to do your job. Most commonly used tactics range anywhere from: Cold calling, sitting at a car wash or gas station, going door to door or business to business, speaking with Service writers at a dealership or insurance agency. You find what works for you. We are always here to help with the “sales pitch” or however we can.

Setting up “accounts” earns yourself residual income. When you bring in a account, every job done through that account in the future is credited to you!

Pay – $78,000.00 a year

Sales agents are paid commission only. Paid the same for every “job” they sell. A cash job, insurance claim, home, auto or commercial.

Sale + installation = $60.00

Our goal is 5 Jobs a day for every technician.

windshield replacement

If your interested in a sales position with us. Send a short E-mail, telling us a little about yourself and attach your resume. We will contact you to set up an interview.